Sold Out!!!Frida Kahlo!,art Frida Kahlo,custom Blythe doll, Blythe clothes, Blythe dress,Blythe Takara,ooak doll, neo Blythe, blythe doll by Pandacustomdoll

849.09 USDFrida Kahlo,art, art doll, Art Frida Kahlo, custom doll, doll, Custom blythe, Custom blythe doll, art blythe doll,ooak blythe,Takara doll, neo Blythe, takara blythe, blythe doll, blythe dress, blythe clothes, OOAK doll, ooak blythe.❤🧡💛Sold Out!!!💛🧡❤Hello♥♥ Frida Kahlo, the girl will be from Russia!.Repetition is …

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